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The MJ

The inspiration behind "The MJ" growing up in the 80's and 90's Michael Jackson played a huge role in my creativity and expression. He was one like no other. He set the bar for black creatives like myself which made my dreams of being an artist more desirable and achievable. His music will forever live in my soul. So this is my tribute to him. This piece is the direct reflection of the joy and color he brought to my life growing up and now.


Canvas Prints

                     Size Frame                    Price

                        12" x 12"                        $70.00 
                        16" x 16"                        $80.00​
                        16" x 20"                        $90.00
                         20" x 30"                      $160.00
                         24" x 36"                      $230.00
                         30" x 30"                      $265.00

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